THE EVENTS INCORPORATED IN THIS BOOK ARE TRUE; they are recounted from official reports and from the best of our memory. The names and events are of the actual people that were and are directly involved in Patric’s unsolved death. All conversations between characters in ths book are based on at least one participant’s best memory of what was said, taken from interviews, transcripts, law enforcements reports, documents, e-mails or witness statements.

The shock and grief and complete disregard for the Health, Safety and Welfare along with his Criminal Negligence by (name withheld) while Patric was in his physical custody while in New Hampshire directly resulted in Patric’s death. For years we have contended that (name withheld) was involved in Patri c’s death, this is evident through his continued lying to the authorities both State and Federal throughout this investigation. His womanizing along with his alcohol and drug abuse only made it worse. The lingering questions over the years is his lack of truthfulness from the very beginning, leaves no doubt of his involvement. Patric was suffocated and died at the hands of a (name withheld) family member, and a family member witnessed it. We believe the evidence substantiates this.

(Name withheld) states: “This was no accident, maybe the kid didn’t mean to kill him, but that’s what he did. (NECN: Josh Brogadir) Bourne, Ma. In a taped interview a classmate of (name withheld) states: “Patric said something to (name withheld) that pissed him off, and that (name withheld) knocked him face down, sat on his back with his face to the ground until he stopped breathing. (name withheld) admittedly stated to the FBI Special Agent in 2008, “I knocked him down, sat on his back with his face to the ground.” These two admitted acts without any doubt resulted in Patric’s airways being blocked so he could not breath, and the weight of (name withheld) (140 lbs) on Patric’s (74 lbs) back causing intense chest pressure this also restricting Patric’s breathing we believe resulted in Patric’s death.

Information available in the hands of the State of New Hampshire authorities, primarly the Attorney Generals Office, Chief Medical Examiners Office, New Hampshire State Police New Hampshire Fish & Game at the time of Patric’s death was and still is being completely disregarded. Interviewes of individuals were not read or even investigated. The Lincoln Police Department Log entries that were passed on daily to the New Hampshire Fish & Game the New Hampshire State Police at the command center were completely ignored. All attention focused on Gabe primarily and Margaret McCarthy instead of all the individuals present at the condo when Patric disappeared. This definitly should have immediately focused on (name withheld) who never left (name withheld)’s side and over heard the argument and witnessed the altercation that he described causing Patric’s death. (name withheld)’s constant lies and his inability to tell the truth from the very beginning to all law enforcement authorities.

False statements made especially by the (name withheld) family. Eye witnesses who saw all three boys well after (name withheld) states they were missing is also never persued as to the truth. We have asked why has (name withheldd) been allowed to continually lie to federal investigators? He again changes his story when interviewed twice in 2008 by federal investigators.

You will read interviews some in their entirety of individuals that were present at the crime scene recovery site on 17 October 2003. The New Hampshire State Police never bothered to interview anyone when they arrived at the Water Tank with Patric’s body. They continually relied on the fabricated story told by Game Warden Kevin Jorden. The FBI interview of Michelle Cormier who actualy found Patric’s body. This was never revealed to Deanne until 2011. Deanne was finally able to thank the actual person that found her son Patric. FBI interview of Joe Larue who was the first person who examined Patric for vital signs at the crime scene recovery site. Joe was with Michelle when she found Patric. He Radioed Game Warden Kevin Jordan for permission to examine Patric for vital signs as Game Warden Kevin Jordan was still 5+ minutes away. The other 30 individuals that were also at the crime scene recovery site that day were never interviewed to this day.

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CALL FOR JUSTICE March 15, 2018 | Comments: 5

New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office directly supervises the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and their employees. The Attorney General of New Hampshire is also mandated to ensure that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner performs his sworn duties in accordance with all the Laws of New Hampshire. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas A. Andrew 13 October 2003 thru September 2017 14+ YEARS OF LIES. Patric Murray... Read more

US ATTORNEY EMPLOYEE ADMITS CASE SHOULD ... February 4, 2015 | Comments: 2

This is just another example of WHY we continue to fight for the truth to be told. This is a note from a former employee of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Concord NH. It’s obvious that there is a cover up, we just need to publish this book, and perhaps ONE person with enough influence will read it, and set the wheels in motion once and for all. “17 January 2012; I was a former employee of the U.S.... Read more

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