February 9, 2012 8:08 am Reply

After reading recent reports from DA’s office, Ma SP, Bourne PD, etc. Many state the lack of creditably of people interviewed? All of the above agencies are more than familiar with Stephen McCarthy, his track record, arrest record, etc. but no one investigating Patric’s death ever make a comment about Stephen McCarthy’s creditably?
He is a pathological liar? Drunk? Use of drugs? Womanizer? Down right walking piece of shit. As I was told once by a family member, Don’t believe what you read in the paper about what the McCarthy’s say they are doing. Because behind the scenes people are being paid to make sure this never goes to court. Well placed $?


February 9, 2012 8:11 am Reply

We know now that Stephen and Max went to the Town of Lincoln on Saturday and left Gabe in care of Patric and Noah, while they enjoyed October fest, side walk sales, went shopping, etc. Sunday Patric’s birthday they took the Boys to another October Fest that lasted the entire day and night and they returned at 10-10:30 p.m. Sunday, after a late super at a Mexican Rest.
Monday is no different, Stephen puts Gabe in charge, and Patric is never seen or heard of again until they find him on Friday?
Stephen McCarthy begins to lie immediately to the police. He never says anything about the abuse by Max, Gabe and Noah towards Patric, in fact he protests them by lying. When asked if Gabe would be truthfull? Stephen states Yes. When asked how Gabe and Patric got along? Stephen states up to two weeks prior Gabe slept in the same bedroom as Patric. When in fact he knew of the SEXUALL MOLESTATION, VERBAL ABUSE AND PHYSICAL ABUSE. He kept all this quite to protect his criminal negligence in the death of his son Patric.
The State of New Hampshire, Department of Justice, NHSP, Bourne Police, Ma State Police, and the FBI continually wear blinders when it comes to the “Individuals who are potential suspects of this investigation? There are 4 Prime suspects involved in Patric’s death
(1) Stephen McCarthy he is the main suspect in this case. He made all the arrangements with the Mother to take Patric to New Hampshire. He had to convince Patric’s mother about changing the weekend visitation of Patric from the weekend of his Birthday to the weekend before. He had to promised to never let Patric be alone with Gabe during this trip, and swore that he would watch him, this was talked about with Stephen right up until Friday 10 Oct 03 prior to leaving for New Hampshire.
Why was it so important to take Patric up their that weekend? Or did it have to do with decisions made on the weekend of 26 September 2003?

Ann Olim Bruni

October 3, 2012 6:56 pm Reply

The whole thing stinks

Jim Murray

October 4, 2012 4:53 am Reply

Thanks Ann, Those responsibe, I believe will be brought to Justice. Their is too much evidance. The problem is getting it to someone that is not affraid to grab the Bull by the Horns, reguardless of who they are.

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